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Improving Water
Treatment and filtration technologies across a broad range of applications to improve water quality, consistency, taste and purity in your home, pool, business or industry
Enjoying Water
Sparkling clean water for pools and spas made easy with automation and monitoring solutions and energy efficient, smart systems
Moving Water
Smart, energy efficient solutions to move water throughout your home and pool, as well as energy and water efficient solutions for water supply, wastewater disposal and fluid management for business and industry
We specialize in water treatment & the supply of related chemicals & equipment.

Water Testing & Analysis

Sanitation & Disinfection


Bottled Water

We have pleasure in introducing you to Vita Nova Africa

We are based in South Africa & Zimbabwe, specialising in water treatment, & the supply of related chemicals, filters & pumps.

The supply & delivery of potable water wo the Southern African consumer, whether it is via Municipal systems or Domestic boreholes, is one of the greatest challenges facing Southern Africa in the 21st century – and with climate change, the challenge is only going to increase in the years ahead.

Vita Nova has the solutions!

Vita Nova Africa has partnered with the following international companies to offer the latest water treatment solutions, water testing and analysis, disinfection and sanitation, filtration and purification, water pumps and UV lights.