Company Overview

Vita Nova Africa

We have pleasure in introducing you to Vita Nova Africa (Pvt) Ltd. We are based in Zimbabwe and in South Africa. We specialize in water treatment, and the supply of related chemicals and equipment. The supply and delivery of potable water to the consumer, whether it is via municipal systems or domestic boreholes, is one of the greatest global challenges in the 21st century – and with climate change the challenges are only going to increase in the years ahead. Vita Nova Africa has the solutions!
Vita Nova Africa, in association with its international partners, brings water treatment and purification solutions to meet these challenges. Whether you are a municipality, an industry, a hospital, a dental surgery or a domestic consumer, Vita Nova Africa has the knowledge, experience and products to ensure that your water, whatever it is to be used for, is safe and healthy for consumption.


World Health Organisation (WHO )Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality – 4th Edition General Considerations: “Access to safe drinking water is essential to health, a basic human right. It has been shown that investments in water supply & sanitation can yield a net economic benefit, as the reductions in adverse health effect & health-care costs outweigh the costs of undertaking the interventions. This is true for investments ranging from major water supply infrastructure through to water treatment in the home. Experience has also shown that interventions in improving access to safe water, favour the poor in particular, whether in rural or urban areas, & can be an effective part of poverty alleviation strategies.”


To develop each Strategic Business Unit so that they become market leaders within their sectors.


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